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We thank all of our clients for their consistently faithful cooperation.

Upon request, we would be pleased to provide professional references that accentuate the professional background and competence of the
Pure Language translation team by means of various technical projects.


The greatest possible level of technical competence and willingness
to give our best at all times is what connects us with our partners:

  • Wort & Weise, Karen Christine Angermayer
  • further partners will be added...

We would be pleased to put you in direct contact.

Employment opportunities

Have you also experienced that translation requires you to burn the candle at both ends? That while you chew on words, sentences, and pencils, tea and milk are boiling away next to you, and your partner is fast asleep...?

Do you love your work anyway (or may just because of this), and would you like to wokr with us?

We're looking forward to your application email, including extensive documentation of your qualifications, professional experience and a short description of what you would like to help us with.

Apply now!

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